"I am joyful, healthy, and prosperous through my everyday use of affirmations. I cultivated a daily journaling practice of 35 years, a business with many writer-clients, and a book to be published soon. 

"This seminar is my New Year's gift to you, and it's free...absolutely free!  So, say 'Yes, thanks!' and sign up now."

~ Wayne

Affirmations for Happy Writing!

A Free Motivational Seminar for writers of all experience levels

A simple written statement of desire, repeated with positive expectancy, creates goodness in your writing practice and your life…one focused thought at a time.

Define and align with your intentions through written affirmations.  Learn to write affirmations and use your wisely-chosen words to elevate your thoughts and actions toward your goal.  Revise to clarify and maintain focus as you move forward—measuring progress, facing challenges, feeling gratitude—to consistently create more joy and success.  These tools are wonderful for building a journaling or writing practice, as well as good for life in general.

A great way to start the new year!

Evening:  Thursday, Jan 13 from 7:00-8:30pm EST

Morning:  Saturday, Jan 15 from Noon-1:30pm EST

Limited seating; registration required.

To register, select "Contact Wayne" below and complete the form.  In the form's "Message," please list the workshop you wish to attend, either or Thursday evening or Saturday morning.

Zoom information will be forwarded approximately two days in advance of the seminar.

Please note:  Participants must be live on camera during seminar; however, no one is required to share thoughts or questions.  To encourage honest communication within community, recording and sharing of this seminar is prohibited.  Be prepared to take notes, if you wish.