From Inspiration to Publication...

Wayne South Smith

Writer’s Coach * Editor * Writer * Speaker

Writer’s Coach Wayne South Smith of Atlanta, Georgia provides personal coaching and editing, facilitates workshops and presentations, and mentors creative inspiration and writing skills toward the achievement of goals in creative, academic, and professional areas through a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres.


From coaching experience beginning in 2003, Wayne guides writers to:

  • a passionate writing habit
  • skills to clarify and achieve writing goals
  • enhanced confidence, motivation and inspiration
  • creative and personal growth


Classes and presentations are designed for writers of all skill levels and backgrounds, including those inexperienced within the genre they would like to explore.  These have been presented at school systems, universities, public libraries, writers’ associations, arts centers, senior centers, book stores, and in private practice.


Clients have achieved:

  • Creative Writing
  • published books: memoir, novels, inspirational/self-help, and children's books
  • published short stories and community/personal projects
  • international and regional contest victories
  • screenplays, stage plays, and a musical with original book and lyrics
  • Academic and Professional Writing
  • successful college application essays
  • well-reviewed doctoral dissertations and academic papers
  • web copy, marketing materials, and magazine features


Coaching is available via Zoom, phone, and email. 

Seminars and classes are offered via Zoom.