Speeches and Seminars

Wayne delivers speeches, seminars and workshops on writing and creative process for business, conference, civic, social, library, senior citizen or school groups.

Available formats include:

  • half-hour lunch-n-learns
  • one-hour presentations
  • 2-6 hour experiential workshops
  • multi-week classes
  • group coaching programs.

All events include a time-appropriate Q&A period.

Topics are adaptable to the organization’s specific needs.  Rates are available upon request.

Author Basics: Writing, Publishing and Selling Your Book

In the new world of publishing, today’s successful authors are both committed writers and creative entrepreneurs who know how to navigate self-publishing platforms and market their own work with the assurance they show piloting their writing process, all achieved with creativity and passion.

Writing Children's Picture Books

See Jane write.  See Jane collaborate.  Writing a children’s picture book for ages 3-8 is both creating a good story and, if you aren’t an illustrator, collaborating with one.  Learn to write strong characters, conflict and lesson, as well as write image descriptions to show and tell a captivating story.  Discover the various skills of illustrators, designers and editors, as well as how to create a harmonious relationship vital to a successful children’s book.

101 Breakthroughs to Conquer Writer’s Block

Wanna write, but can’t unlock your block? Or you are writing, but wrestle helplessly with a few tough pages? Identify and learn how to use the very things that are hounding you—lack of inspiration or motivation, life circumstances, fear of failure, need for new skills, intimidation of your past or others’ successes, feelings of underachievement—to get writing again.

Writing Memoir:  Mining Memory for Creative Expression

Connect personal stories with creativity to structure, and write a powerful memoir.  Writers learn memoir format, along with skills to bring scenes and real ‘characters’ to life through words.  Discussion includes research, dialogue and revision techniques, as well as modes of sharing with an audience.

Journaling for Personal and Creative Growth

Much more than a diary, a commitment to writing in a journal relieves stress, empowers personal language, increases awareness, clarifies thinking, boosts creative block removal, and lends support to build healthier relationships.  For writers, the journal also enhances writing skills and serves as a treasure chest of ideas.  Open to novice and experienced writers.

From Start to Finish:  The Writer’s Essentials for Success

Develop the commitment, awareness and creative/analytical balance needed to master the phases of the writing process from passionate inspiration to final edit.   Discover how successful writers of various genres utilize these, as well as the power of the deadline, the positive use of writers' groups and personal coaching.

Write for the Movies!  An Introduction to Screenwriting

Combine the power of expressive action and captivating dialogue with stirring imagery to produce a winning screenplay.  The union of scripted audio and visuals create the framework upon which a movie is made.  Story design, characterization, dialogue and format are explored giving participants the basis to build an original script.

Start Writing Now!  (Perfect for the New Year or Anytime!)

So writing is once again on your resolution list.  You really, really want to get unstuck, get inspired, get motivated, and get writing!  With expert guidance, you’ll learn to be perceptive, prepared, grateful, and compassionate in and around your writing practice.  So make a personal commitment.  Show up!  The perfect time to start is now!

Affirmations for Happy Living

Personal empowerment for writers and non-writers of any experience level!    A simple written statement of desire, delivered with positive expectancy, creates goodness in your life…one focused thought at a time.  Define and align with your intentions through written affirmations.  Learn to write and use your wisely chosen words to elevate your thinking.  Revise to clarify and maintain focus as you move forward—measuring progress, facing challenges, feeling gratitude—to consistently create more joy, love and success.

Achieving Admission with Your College Entrance Essay

In the highly competitive collegiate application process, applicants gain the inside track through their compelling, well-written story targeted to the specific audience.  Following acceptance, these writing skills of format, grammar and persuasion enhance confidence vital to scholastic and future success.   Appropriate for prospective undergrads, graduate students, or Ph.D. candidates.

Essay Writing Made Easy

Whether an essay for a class, a test, or an application for employment or internship, these simplified strategies increase skill and enhance creativity for higher scores.  Feel confident as you write essays from guidance on topic selection, pre-planning, formatting, time management, and grammatical skills to build scholastic and career success.


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