Can your own words, written in a journal for your eyes only, inspire creativity and support your personal growth? 

Yes!  That’s Writing Spirit! 


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About the Book

A journaling practice sparks inspiration to fire up imagination and cultivate creativity, increasing goodness in all areas of life.  This narrative guidebook relaxes you into learning while providing permission to develop your practice in the way that best fits you.

From a daily journaling practice of over 35 years, Wayne illustrates life challenges and lessons through memoir, along with energizing tools, tips, and exercises.

Write from journaling prompts and support yourself through affirmations encouraging positive thoughts toward growing a practice, plus acquire the methods to create these on your own.

Nurture the safety needed to get in the habit of writing as you explore your life on the page.  Foster the awareness to recognize insights within and around you to expand expression, and grow the commitment to joyfully move forward.  Soon, you will realize your writing spirit, an energy personal to you.

Whatever your writing experience, you will develop skills and reap inspiration from the relatable stories and guidance illustrating creative discovery and personal growth through journaling.



"Years ago, I started journaling as a spiritual practice. Sadly, it was more like a diary, and I ultimately stopped. Wayne's book inspired me to start anew and approach my practice differently. The personal stories in each chapter are wonderful and heartfelt. I highly recommend his book to anyone wanting to start journaling and also those who are seeking to refresh their practice."

~ Randall C.

"This book was a joy to read, lyrical and touching, and the mark of a good book, it brought laughter and tears. Wayne's personal insight and sharing of his own life experiences illustrate the power of journaling, plus his end-of-chapter prompts and affirmations encourage the reader to explore their own writing journey."

~ Karen V.

"This book on journaling is helping to get me out of my head and writing again. If you are a journaler or need to be, the book will lift your spirit."

~ Sheryl Parbhoo, novelist and writer at Midlife Confidential, a weekly Substack newsletter, read full post here.

“Writing Spirit” is both a wonderful memoir, filled with sensitive and honest personal experiences, as well as an excellent resource to guide you through the process of journaling. The book offers both the tools to get you started and to motivate you to continue the practice of self-discovery. The author explains that journaling is an exercise in self-love, similar to a coloring book where personal creative expression is the goal. I appreciated the suggested affirmations to encourage positive thoughts. But the most valuable and enjoyable insights of the book were from the personal scenes of the author’s life that spurred him to begin his decades-long practice of journaling. A well-written resource.

~ Walt P.

"Wonderful Writing.  I learned a lot from Wayne's advice for journaling
and very much enjoyed his personal stories.  Made me laugh and cry.  Excellent."

~ Michael A.


About the Author

Wayne South Smith is a writing coach, editor, speaker, and author.  Since 2003, Wayne has mentored writers from inspiration to publication with over fifty books—novels, memoirs, inspirational, self-help, and children’s picture books—alongside short stories, plays, and blogs, all on a broad range of topics.  He has guided students toward successful college application and scholarship essays while teaching writing to enhance their education and career.  For professionals, Wayne has coached writers to books, portfolios, and speeches.

Wayne finds coaching writers alongside his own writing as a powerful balance for his creative passion.  Additionally, he credits his daily journaling and affirmative thinking, a cherished practice since 1987, to sustain growth both as a writer and human.

Wayne’s features have been published in national and regional magazines, as well as local newspapers.  He has also written scripts for film, stage, and puppet theater; penned web copy and marketing materials; and authored fiction and creative nonfiction short stories.  Writing Spirit: Journaling for Creativity and Personal Growth is his first published book.