"Whether employing Wayne as an editor or writing coach, his remarkable skill at reinforcing improvements or forgiving lapses, as well as striking through or recasting a concept has made a difference, both in my writing and for me as a writer."

~ Darden


Editing generally occurs in three steps:

Content Development is also known as conceptual editing.  Coaching discussions are generally included to define content, characters and story elements while building structure and style.

Content Editing focuses on consistency while refining structure and style.  The boundaries between this and conceptual editing are often blurry as these processes generally happen simultaneously.

Copyediting occurs once the concept and copy are complete.  This is the final polish before releasing the writing with a keen eye to stylistic issues, grammar and punctuation.

With word count and sample pages, I can estimate a starting date and approximate a return.

Editing is completed using Track Changes and Add Comments within Word documents, so the writer can review all changes and read further notes from me.  Follow-up emails and/or phone call are available for needed discussions.

Additionally as part of your editing and revision process, a focus group can be organized and facilitated for evaluation of your writing, assisting in both approach to and analysis of information gathered after the meeting.

Editing fees align with those under the writing projects genre:

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