"Wayne is a fine teacher of craft, but he is also a nurturer of hearts."

~ Kim


Personal Journaling

This workshop explores writing as a personal growth tool capable of relieving stress, stimulating healing, and bolstering self-assurance while improving relationships.  Written and verbal communication skills increase on multiple levels through daily journaling, creativity exercises, and interaction within this guided, supportive community. Discussions about the journaling process increase confidence and learning for all, yet writings from participants' journals are never read in class.  These always remain private.

Creative growth occurs simultaneously as writers increase awareness through journaling about their senses, feelings, knowledge, intuition, and dreams. Discovering and nurturing creative process, participants work through blocks that have hindered personal development and heartfelt writing.

For many, this workshop has empowered a healthy practice of journaling which grows with the journaler.

Others have found this practice essential as a launching point in their quest to write for an audience. Producing works to share becomes another level of giving and receiving in their ever-expanding circle of creative expression.


4-week Zoom online workshop, $125

Class size: minimum 4, maximum 9


Weeknights:  Tuesdays, 7-9pm ET

Feb 20 & 27, March 5 & 12


Saturdays:  dates TBD


"The safety of the journaling class supported me as I explored fears and even brought on a revitalization of my writing practice."

~ Maura