"With Wayne's guidance, the notes from a class I developed became a published book for readers around the country, as well as a springboard for new clients and groups in my practice."

~ A psychologist

Writer's Coaching for Professionals

Professional Coaching / Editing includes:
  • Nonfiction books, journal articles, and blogs
  • Website master plan and copy writing/editing
  • TED-style talks, keynotes, and workshops
  • Marketing copy for bookmarks to brochures to banners
  • Resumes, CVs, cover letters, support materials

Professional coaching empowers the writer, enhances skills, and focuses the story for effective, engaging writing.  This includes guidance on content development, research, mechanics, grammar, punctuation, as well as project management with accountability.

According to the goals of the project and desires of the client, ghostwriting is also available.


Professional Writer's Coaching / Editing

$100 / hour, coaching in person (currently unavailable)

  • meetings by appointment at Presidential Parkway, Atlanta, less than one mile off Interstate 85 and Chamblee Tucker Road near Spaghetti Junction
  • additional travel fee of hourly + mileage for meetings at your home, office or preferred location
  • one-hour minimum, then billed in 1/2-hour increments

$100 / hour, coaching by phone / Zoom

  • one-hour minimum, then billed in 1/2-hour increments

$80 / hour, content evaluation, editing and/or meeting prep

  • one half-hour minimum, then billed per 1/4-hour increments


Contact Wayne to request an appointment.

"When I was invited by the alumni association to give a TED Talk to undergraduates at my alma mater, I turned to Wayne.  He shared ideas and coached me from outline to finished speech.  Being short on time, he also created the accompanying Power Point.  The speech was a success."

~ A business executive

"Wayne knows my voice better than I do.  Working from my rough drafts and asking clarifying questions, Wayne crafts blog posts and features, delivering them post- and print-ready.  He shapes my stories, maintaining their integrity while inspiring confidence as I offer them to the public."

~ A medical professional