Penciled In

She rescheduled her appointment…again.  I realized that if this was her habit with our appointments, it was probably happening with her writing.  “Thought about, then put off until later knowing it would sit and wait just like it did yesterday.” As disappointed and frustrated as I felt, I had to admit sometimes I do this myself.  At times, we all do.

Life happens and priorities are rearranged, but how often do you put other things ahead of your writing time?  Is it worth having personal creative time ‘inked in’ on your calendar?  Does it deserve your vigilance in protecting the commitment you make with yourself?

I know that for me, the ‘stuff of life’ seems to fit and flow better when I’ve spent time writing in my journal, maybe crafting a piece for my blog, and sometimes working on my book.  I feel more complete and balanced.

Put writing on your agenda, plan the time, and honor the schedule.  Keeping the appointment is caring for and nurturing your creative self.  It builds into something true and unerasable.

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