Catching Creativity

sneeze guard“Oh, have you got the crud that’s going around?” she asked a writer-friend while fearlessly hugging her.

I cringed; I’d just hugged her and hadn’t noticed her having any flu symptoms.  I closely watched the interaction and told myself that she was tired, and yes, stuffy, but no, not the creeping crud.  Not submitting to the crud, I defiantly declared to myself.

The writers’ group was energizing.  After reminding myself not to put my fingers in my eyes or chew on my pen, I relaxed into the interaction, and the time flew.  Honesty, support and creative ideas were exchanged igniting others.  Even those who were tired from a full day of corporate life, home duties or a purposeful focus on personal care looked refreshed.

At home, however, I felt my throat tickle.  True, I’d been congested for weeks with the rapid exchange of spring-like and midwinter weather combined with rain and humidity.  And also true, I was trained to be a bit of a hypochondriac by a well-meaning grandmother and mother.  I felt my head; no fever.  I vigorously washed my hands in antibacterial soap and took some preventative herbs.  I nestled in bed with the cherry sore throat spray stationed within reach.

Morning dawned with no sore throat, but the stuffiness remained.  As I replayed the negative version of ‘what’s going around?’ I considered why I never ask positively about the creativity going around.

Inspiration spreads from person to person faster than the common cold.  Sure, we can feel excitement in a good writers’ group, but what about catching a bit of inspiration and aiming it onto the page?  Open to the frame of mind to observe and receive.

It’s easy.  Watch and listen as some kids scamper and scream on a playground; maybe join in, even if just vocally.  Eavesdrop on a gathering of friends having laughs over lunch; feel your humor lift.  Share a smile and a quick question with the cashier at the grocery store; connection often brings fascinating results, even when in the express lane.

A big part of keeping yourself healthy is feeling alive in life itself, and you can do this through exercising your creative muscle.  Whereas a cold or the flu can mire you in the muck, catching inspiration boosts your spirits, a natural prescription for healthy expression with zero negative side effects.

Affirm:  I choose to think positively.  I recognize creativity all around me, feel the positive energy, join the synergy, and act upon it to lift my writing experience.


  1. Mama Shujaa on March 9, 2013 at 12:27 PM

    Amen to that affirmation. I count on our circle of Thursday writers for inspiration, positive energy and support! Can’t wait to get back!

  2. Wayne on March 9, 2013 at 3:55 PM

    The Creative Writers Workshop is very dynamic. We all hope for your swift return.

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