Spring Forward

jonquilsNature sprouts.

People go outside their homes, put on shorts, take off shirts, dig in dirt, jump in water, and feel gleeful in the renewed warmth.

After being cooped up, personal media shifts to in-person.  They look over fences, tender a wave, and greet on the street.  Maybe, just maybe, after their sequestration by winter weather, their eager attitude forces phrases from their mouths that they might not have let fly before.  Then, many stop cold, suddenly frozen in doubt.

Does the first flower of spring stop to assess the sunshine?  It just feels the warmth and grows toward it.  Does the grass quiver with the thought of the oncoming lawnmower, or rise high to the sky?  And does the Robin ponder long where to dig for the worm, or does the bird land and begin pecking?

Spring, the season of rebirth, signals Earth’s abundance, an unfolding of natural expression.

Do you feel inspired to shed fears, dig deeper, risk new relationships, and let more of your true self out?

Thaw and sprout.  Feel free as you reflect honestly with even just one someone new in a face2face relationship.


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