Holiday Present: Claim Your Good

Are you naughty or nice to your writer self?

present by Christine Wong Yap

As you explore and grow as a writer, you discover, like all of us, that writing involves much more than computers, ergonomic chairs and trendy standing desks, as well as many more skills than you learned in school.

Put those toys aside, and imagine what gift would help you feel good as a writer. Stretch, if necessary, to believe in its amazing arrival.

Remember when magic and make-believe were present every day?  I bet at one time you did.  Give it another whirl.  Pick up a pencil, pen or crayon, and write a letter of your heart’s wish.  Build your belief starting with words like I have–

I love to write!  I’m worthy of my best gifts,
and I gratefully receive a writer’s perseverance!

This year has whooshed by, and though I’ve written lots of blog posts, emails and hundreds of journal pages, my book isn’t complete.  I’ve enjoyed editing, contract and ghostwriting projects while my book patiently waits.  So for this holiday season, my gift to myself is intentional focus on my own book. For the new year, I’ll claim the time for my heart’s project alongside my work, and trust all is well.

As a writing coach, I know a young woman who wants the gift of delight to allow her writing to bring spontaneous laughter to her.  A gentleman desires an abundance of crackling creative ideas.  One writer seeks personal acceptance, forgiveness and healing through her words.

What about you?  Ask for what you really, really want.  Notice what you initially want may lead to something else.  Ask for that, too!

  • Authenticity, Enthusiasm, Release
  • Creativity, Play, Celebration
  • Intention, Support, Strength
  • Purpose, Communication, Collaboration
  • Exploration, Openness, Discernment

gift tagWrite your letter, and send it to yourself.  Read it with fresh, compassionate eyes.  Recognize the truth of the desire, and then, like an expert holiday shopper on a mission, find the way to give yourself the present of an enriched writing experience.

Here’s the holiday’s best kept secret – the gift is already yours.  Your desire birthed the intention; you simply have to claim and use it.

There’s no question of naughty or nice.  Simply know you are good.

artwork by Christine Wong Yap


  1. Kim Chamberlain on December 23, 2013 at 3:06 PM

    Your story has so many implications on many levels. As a teen, I kept a very detailed diary. I still have it. It was mine, private, deep, trustworthy, it was my best friend. Nobody judged it.

    All of us, young people especially, are so vulnerable to criticism or discouraging remarks. Squelching a teen writer’s voice is like putting weed killer on a flowering plant. It reminds me of a few voice students that I have encountered. Some of them are so afraid to be heard because someone told them not to sing. They literally turn their backs and sing into the wall. My job was to encourage them to turn around and sing just one note. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. One note, or one word or one sentence AND then someone, like yourself, or myself, or a parent or a friend, hears it and says, “Great! Keep going!”

    It sounds like, you were able to find a pathway into the young man’s potential. Fantastic!

  2. Wayne on December 23, 2013 at 3:55 PM

    Thanks, Kim! That young man is me! It’s from that empowered space that I continue to write, as well as I encourage others. So happy to have met you this year and have the opportunity to work with you. Truly, your writing and watching you grow as a writer are gifts that keep on giving!

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