Writer’s Story & Affirmation: Vulnerability

Full Exposure

Suddenly, the blistering summer gifted a surprise August afternoon with uncharacteristically low humidity and temps in the 80s.  I couldn’t wait to take an afternoon walk.  Immediately upon exiting my car at the park, I did something I rarely do outdoors when swimming isn’t involved:  I stripped off my shirt.  The air felt so good on my face and in my lungs that I wanted to be consumed by it.

Baring myself to the sun’s dangerous rays felt threatening, yet so did being almost naked to the world.  I chose to not stay out too long.  I also chose to feel good about my body, strolling while shedding worries about my pale skin, few extra pounds and nonexistent six-pack abs.

I reflected upon my writing, about my decision to expand what I share with the world via the internet on my new blog.  The vulnerability is exhilarating and horrifying at the same time, but without taking the chance, I’d never expose my truth, exercise in the energizing climate or experience the rewards of expanded community.   I know my best writing comes from an empowered place, a tender strength inspired by the feeling of aliveness as it moves through the scary parts and into the light of a new path.

Affirm:  I choose to hold vulnerability as tender strength, a vital tool in sharing my true self through honest writing with the world.

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