Teen Instruction: Academic Coaching

Recently, my Academic Coaching was successful for two students, ages 13 and 15.

teen.4One prepared creative writing and dramatic monologue auditions for an arts magnet school, learning new approaches to excel in writing and presentation.  On her first try, she was accepted!

The other, a high school freshman, worked on getting up to speed with the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards requiring writing and reading in every class.  This former A student was blindsided by the increased workload.  Suddenly, homework was taking five times longer.

Her mother wrote, “Our initial face-to-face meeting with Wayne was amazing.  He brought concepts and strategies to a level she understands, really getting her attention by using analogies between writing and dance, her passion.  He helped her examine and break information into manageable pieces, then organize her thoughts and work to make the writing process more natural.    She meets weekly via telephone and likes his clear explanations.  I like her positive progress and how he encourages her to come up with a solution rather than providing it.”

This student grasped new study strategies and was on the winning track in less than 6 weeks!

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My work with teens has included students from public, private and home schools.  During six years as a certified tutor, I’ve work with college freshmen, sophomores, dual enrollment learners (ages 16 and up), as well as students from cultures around the world.  I get them to talk, ask questions, and reveal what they want and need.  I start with the skills they possess, have them recognize this, then celebrate each new achievement as they move forward.

*Academic Coaching available by appointment

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